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Hvis du har en PDA eller mobil der kan gå på nettet, kan du altid finde dine favoritter og anmeldelser, f.eks. når du handler ind!

Bodegas José L. Ferrer

Franja Roja, S.L.
Conquistador, 103 Carretera Palma-Alcudia
07350 Binissalem-Mallorca
Tlf.: 971 51 10 50
Fax: 971 87 00 84

1931: Majorcan wine and vines are in decline despite the phylloxera years having passed. Only the romantic vision of a young adventurer such as José Luís Ferrer can explain the impulse to start up a new Majorcan bodega.

The war and post civil war only worsen matters but José Luís Ferrer´s refusal to give in remains strong. The following years are not a good moment for the slowly but continually declining wine industry with a subsistence economy based on basic livestock and farming products.
The tourist boom in the 60s does little to benefit country wine since the mass tourism industry clearly prefers mainland wines. Even so, José L. Ferrer Bodegas continue on in what could be classed as a desert crossing since only a few Majorcan producers continued to produce or opted to become distributors.

The 80s and 90s are battle years for bodegas culminating in the long-cherished denomination of origin dream for the county of Binissalem.
For many Majorcans and outsiders, José L. Ferrer Bodegas and Franja Roja, its emblematic brand, are synonymous with prestige and quality. The present recognition of these leading bodegas is not the fruit of coincidence but rather a firm bid for quality and innovation without ever forgetting roots and tradition.

The three generations of the wine-making Ferrer stock have never conformed to what history and inherited experience have provided; it is for this reason that they have always been on the look out to enrich the received legacy. In this way, from the grandfather José Luís Ferrer Ramonell to the grandchildren Sebastián and José Luís Roses, all have travelled abroad to discover and, where applicable, apply new wine ideas and techniques from around the world.

The bodega has not lost any of its planned typicality or authenticity from the time of its founder until the present day; nonetheless, the end result has been greatly improved. Advanced facilities combining the best modern and traditional techniques and, especially, truly living the passion of wine passed down in the blood throughout the generations have seen local and overseas markets recognising our quality.

Centuries of tradition from an entire land and passion alongside the family´s effort lie behind the name of José L. Ferrer. Light and magic, countryside and country folk, culture and ingenuity, soul and earth, vines and audacity made into wine is essentially what is uncorked with each bottle from our cellar.

Vine fra denne producent:
José L. Ferrer Blanc de Blancs DO 2005 (A)


Anmeldelse af pop-up restaurant Vineriet
Brugeranmeldelse af pop-up restaurant "Vineriet" i forbindelse med Copenhagen Dining Week på Dansk Vincenter i Hvidovre.
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 af Lars Roed

Nu kan du købe AC/DC vin i Danmark
Nu kan du købe AC/DC vin i Danmark. Bandet anbefaler i teksten bag på flaskerne, at man hører deres musik højt, mens man nyder vinen.
Sunday, September 16, 2012 af Rasmus Carstensen

Lær at brygge Obama's White House beer
Her får du opskrifterne på Præsident Barack Obama's hjemmelavede White House Honey Porter & Honey Ale
Sunday, September 2, 2012 af Rasmus Carstensen

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